STEM Talks

To provide reference for students’ career decisions, a series of four “Prospective Science Talks” are held, with current students and expert scholars as speakers.

With the help of the outstanding peers who shared their experiences and ways of coping with different situations after entering university, such as academic study, laboratory life, interpersonal interaction, frustration and difficulties, participants can gain reference for a smooth start of university life.

Through teachers who have experienced gifted education or experts and scholars with outstanding performance in their chosen professional fields, participants will be able to share their academic thinking and career decision experiences during the semester, so that they can consider more deeply the issue of appropriate development and build up their psychological strengths for personal career planning. In addition, through the STEMTalks, we will promote another level of community networking and direct dialogue between leading experts and scholars in various fields and students.

The four STEM Talks were held on October 1, November 5, December 3, and January 7, 2021, with a total of 113 participants, including speakers and presenters.

The second phase of the program will begin in May 2022. STEM Talks will continue to operate under a new format, STEM Salon, in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics of National Taiwan University and the Mathematical Society of the Republic of China.