Teacher as Facilitators

1. 2020 Literacy Module Pack Teacher Training Workshop

The development process of the “Mathematics Foundations of Literacy Package” is different from the previous “foundation modules” and “foundations in the classroom modules”, which were designed as a “mentor-apprentice” system, and a “rolling” model is added. Each workshop is themed on a single module pack, leading the participating teachers to understand the different approaches and teaching strategies of literacy teaching. At the end of the workshop, the participating teachers were invited to write a “Module Pack Teaching Process and Common Suggestions” for the original lesson plan designer’s reference, in response to the discussions in the class. After the completion of the manual, the center will hold a review meeting to examine the contents of the manual, and only after passing the review can the manual be used as future materials. 19 manuals that passed the review in 2020 are listed below.


The following table shows the 10 manuals that were reviewed in FY 2021.


2. 21st Century Literacy Package Instructor Training Workshop

The goal of the JDM program from 2021 is to “produce more effective literacy teaching strategies”, and the “Eight Thinking Skills for the 21st Century” proposed by PISA 2022 can help the program to advance towards this goal. The design framework of the literacy assessment proposed by PISA 2022 was adopted, combining the eight civic thinking skills and proposing three additional elements of all skills to show the assessment value of each module.

Similarly, in order to let teachers better understand the differences between the 21st Century Literacy Module and the 2020 Literacy Module, the 2021 workshop for prospective instructors will continue. The workshop was followed by the 21st century workshop. The workshop also produced a manual for the 21st Century Literacy Module, which includes a teaching schedule, a teaching presentation, the content of the syllabus, a verbatim version of the teaching video, a literacy assessment, and a 2D code for the teaching video. The following table shows the 7 manuals that have been reviewed in the year 2021.