Purpose of the Center

The purpose of the Center is to guide the construction of the mathematics education and optimize its quality in Taiwan. It is going to integrate human and material resources, to create a mathematical learning environment that is easy to learn, and to implement the promotion of mathematics education at all levels and in all directions.
The Center’s mission is to establish a highly reputable mathematics education site that is connected to the international community.

Center Development Philosophy

The first stage of development of the Center is to solve the mathematical learning problems of elementary and middle school students in Taiwan: “low interest, low self-confidence, low test-taking”.

The Center’s philosophy of work
1. Mathematics learning must provide students with opportunities to learn at all times.
2. Mathematics must be taught in a way that fully integrates emotion into the development of meaningful understanding and literacy.
3. Utilize the design concept of mathematics education engineering, research and development to provide teachers and students with specific learning resources
4. Teachers are the main protagonists in all aspects of the mathematics education project.

Center Missions

1. Core Missions (Objectives)
(1) To plan and promote a quality mathematics education policy in Taiwan.
(2) To develop mathematics learning resources for all learning levels.
(3) To develop and promote quality mathematics education programs for all learning levels.
(4) To establish a theory of mathematics education with East Asian characteristics.
(5) To develop into an international center of excellence in mathematics education.
2. Missions of the Center
(1) To undertake large-scale collaborative research programs with the Ministry of Science and Technology and other institutions
(2) To organize and undertake multinational collaborative research programs between Taiwan and the world.
(3) To participate actively in international mathematics education activities and to exert the influence of Taiwan in the international mathematics education community and organizations.
(4) To conduct research and studies on various aspects of mathematics education in Taiwan.
(5) To participate in major international research programs and academic exchanges in mathematics education.
(6) To engage in the design and development of mathematics curricula, teaching modules, and assessments at all levels.
(7) To assist the Ministry of Education in promoting mathematics education activities.
(8) To train professionals in mathematics education counseling and seed promotion.
(9) To enhance the teaching knowledge and professional development of teachers in higher mathematics education.
(10) To conduct mathematics research activities, competitions, and training of mathematically gifted persons at all levels.
(11) To assist in the implementation of work programs related to student learning, counseling, and teacher development in the field of mathematics after the implementation of 12-year national education.
(12) To provide guidance and assistance to schools at all levels in the implementation of mathematics education activities.
(13) To organize popular activities in various aspects of mathematics (history of mathematics, mathematical investigations, mathematical reading, mathematical games, etc.).
(14) To develop a mathematics diagnostic and counseling system.
(15) To conduct parent-child mathematics education activities.
(16) To collect, analyze, and display domestic and international mathematics education products.
(17) To research and develop mathematics education products and to establish an operating platform for the industrialization of mathematics education products.
(18) To produce and disseminate multi-media products to market the Center’s research and development results domestically and internationally.
(19) To organize various mathematics education seminars, symposiums, discussions, workshops, and lectures.
(20) To establish a mathematics education information network system.
(21) To publish mathematics education books, textbooks, and seminar-related materials.