Mathematics Teaching Seminar: Korea and Taiwan (2020.01.15)

The award-winning teachers of “2019 Mathematics Education” of the Korean Ministry of Education visited the Center. The seminar invited the Director of SDIME Hsieh Center, Mr. Feng Rui, and the Head of the Mathematics Department, Mr. Junji Lin, to share their views and practices of mathematics education by watching the video of mathematics foundations in the classroom modules.

MATHTED's 12th Biennial International Conference on Mathematics Education
(2019.10.24 - 2019.10.26)

MATHTED Philippines invited Prof. Fulai Lin to participate in MATHTED Philippines International Conference on Mathematics Education from October 24 to 26, 2019, with the theme Mathematics Education 4.0: Issues and Innovations, and gave a talk on Learning and Teaching in Mathematics Education 4.0.

Taiwan-Korea Bilateral Conference on Mathematics Education (2017.01.17 - 2017.01.18)

Professor Kyeong-Hwa Lee from the Department of Mathematics Education, Seoul National University led a team of Korean education officials, mathematics education scholars, and mathematics teachers from elementary/junior high school/high school to SDIME for a two-day academic exchange from 17.01.2017 to 18.01.2017. During this time, the Taiwanese side introduced SDIME’s Just Do Math Program (Dr. Chang, Yu-Ping), the professional growth model of activity teacher training (Prof. Wang, Ting-Ying), the tension in a design-based teacher professional community (Prof. Hsu, Hui-Yu), and a successful mathematics teacher (Ms. Ru-Hao Wu) who shared her teaching.

Taiwan-Germany Bilateral Agreement Preliminary Research Program: Staff Research Visits and Seminars (2016.09.26 - 2016.09.30)

From September 26, 2016 to September 30, 2016, Dr. Aiso Heinze, Professor of Mathematics Education at SDIME(IPN)/Kiel University, Leibniz, Germany, led a total of 12 scholars in mathematics education from universities in Germany and Switzerland to the Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), and a total of 14 scholars in mathematics education from Taiwan, organized by Prof. Kailin Yang, to conduct their respective collaborations. A total of 12 scholars in mathematics education from German and Swiss universities came to the Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan Normal University, for a pre-research exchange with a group of 14 Taiwanese mathematics education scholars who were matched by Prof. Kailin Yang. During this exchange, a presentation on SDIME was also arranged, in which Dr. Yuping Zhang introduced SDIME and the current Mathematics for Learning program, and shared it with the German scholars.