Teaching Practice of Modules of MGA Competency

The foundations in the classroom teaching practice focuses on student learning objectives to increase interest in learning and to promote a sense of understanding in mathematics. The Mathematics Foundations of Literacy Package focuses on the refinement of mathematics teaching and learning from “Sense and Understanding to Literacy”, with the goal of developing a more sophisticated and effective way to promote student literacy development.

  • The Center will provide resources for the teaching practice of the “Mathematics Foundations of Literacy Package Workshop” and the “2020 Literacy Module Pack Instructor (Facilitator) Training Camp” for the sub-project development and sub-project teacher training in 2020.
  • In the year 2021, we organized the “2020 Literacy Foundation Package Co-preparation Camp Training”, and the teachers who participated in the training will apply for the “2020 Literacy Foundation Package Teaching Practice” in this program to deepen the concept and practice of teaching and learning support of mathematics foundation modules in junior high schools across Taiwan through the connection with the actual curriculum.