In order to echo the literacy-oriented teaching advocated in the 2019 curriculum, we further promote the integration of mathematics foundation modules into regular classroom teaching, with the hope that teachers can integrate the content of the modules developed in the past into classroom lessons, and that more teachers and students will participate in interesting mathematics foundation activities.

In 2019, we will begin working with Junior High Schools in 22 counties across the country to integrate the foundation modules into the math lessons during the semester and provide students with the teaching materials and aids for the corresponding modules to achieve the purpose of exploring practical work. This model of learning may require long-term planning and coordination between schools and teachers to promote and see the growth of students’ learning achievements in mathematics.

Teachers who have been trained and certified by the Center can apply for the Foundations of Practice course and, upon approval, can integrate Foundations of Practice into their classrooms during the semester, as well as collaborate across schools.

2019 - 2021 MGA in the classroom