Base of Easy Think

Base of Easy Think

The “Easy Thinking Base Workshop” is a school-based program to create a community of co-practitioners, to promote teachers’ professional growth, and to directly transform the teaching field. The Easy Thinking Project hopes to add another kind of leaven to this pace – teachers and We hope to add another leaven to this pace – teachers and students walking together and tasting the joy of learning – to revitalize mathematics teaching.

Easy Thinking Seminars

Midterm Seminar: Invite principals, teachers, and counselors of participating schools to discuss the tensions among participants, instructors, and learners during the implementation period (e.g., difficulties encountered and ways to solve them…), share experiences, and promote professional growth.

End-of-term seminar: School principals, teachers, and counselors from each county and city participating in the Easy Thinking base school program will be invited to share their “reflective practice” and to share their experiences in teaching, counseling, and theory with rich case studies to promote professional growth and in-depth dialogue.

Midterm Seminar of Easy Thinking Project for School Year 2021

Final seminar of Easy Thinking Project for the academic year 2021