3D Animation of Mathematics-Grounding Activity Example

Mathematics-Grounding Activity:
Game of Light and Shadow

The projection experiment is used to experience that the enlarged picture will be similar only when the card is parallel to the screen, and it is actually observed that the corresponding angles are equal and the corresponding sides are proportional; and the final triangular plate and the bamboo sticker simulate the relationship between light and shadow to bring out the drawing of the scaled-down picture.

Mathematics-Grounding Activity:
Coordinate Battleship

The coordinates of the naval ships are realistic and their positions are clear and easy to understand.

Mathematics-Grounding Activity:
Cube Equation

The relationship between “length” and “number of moves” is explored through the game of linked square movement.

Mathematics-Grounding Activity:
Unpredictable Battlefield

Three battlefield settings to improve the player’s orientation and random experience value.

Mathematics-Grounding Activity:
Not Only a Rat can Punch Hole

Let children experience and feel the concept of “symmetry” through paper folding and hole punching!