Junior High School Teaching Video - 21st C. Competency

Dialogue in a Box

feature:Explore the factors that affect wages through box plots. Develop 21st century skills of using information, reflection, communication and systematic thinking.

Scientific Notations are Located on Calculators

feature:You can use a calculator to get to know the representation of very large numbers as well as very small numbers, and find relationships to solve problems.

Conquer the Roulette Wheels

feature:Development of tree diagram as a representation. Cirtical thinking of the uncertainty over the roulette wheels.

Pairing Representations

feature:By reading problem representations and pairing aactivity ot explore the unique correspondence of two vbariables.

Making Friends with Radical Number

feature:Using Calculator to understand radical numbers and to explore the related mathematical concepts and operations. Covering both apprehension with mathematical sense and competency to nurture the 21st century skills-creativity, critical thinking and inquiry ability.