Elementary School Teaching Video – Micro Lesson for 21st C. Competency

The creativity in finding areas can be used in
˙Making atypical parallelograms
˙Deducing the areas of triangles and trapezoids by dividing parallelograms equally
˙Creating shapes and examining areas
˙Cutting and reconstructing to find out that the area is the same if we trim the curved area to piece it back into a straight-edged shape

Integrating the Categorization of Trianglesto Promote Reflective Thinking Skill

˙The warm up in reflective thinking
˙Reflecting on categorization of triangles
˙Giving examples to integrate the categorization of sides and angles of triangles
Foster systematic thinking

The Systematic Thinking of Categorizing Triangles

˙Establishing the relationship between side and angles of triangles
˙Categorization of triangles: Categorizing and naming by the characteristics of the sides
˙Categorization of triangles: Categorizing and naming by the angle types
˙Integration of the two types of triangle categorization systems
To develop systematic thinking