Elementary School Teaching Video - Space and Shape(S)

Observation and Discoveries about Circles

feature: Exploring the Relationship between Circumference and the Diameter of a Circle: Visual Conjecture, Correcion by measuring. Induction with Mathematical Sense, and Critical Justification.

Triangle Classification

feature: Recognizing the type of largest angle of a triangle in construction and classification activity. To analyze triangles by means of angles.

Put Three Angles of a Triangle into a Straight Angle

feature: Operation and exploration of putting three angles of a triangle together into a straight angle.

Body Sense of Line Symmetry

feature: Integrate body language to realize line symmetry.



Triangle Inequality

feature: Observing the relation of sides in non-triangle and conjecturing the property of sides.

Cylinder and Cone

feature: Build, freely sort and characterize 12 three-dimensional shapes through realistic contexts.

Comparison of the Area, or the Perimeter?

feature: Play games to find winning strategies and discover the secrets of area and perimeter to open up literacy-oriented mathematical investigations.

Rotary Universe

feature: Using magic and mirrors as a medium, the Spinning module helps students develop basic concepts of symmetry (including point and line symmetry) through sorting and exploration.

Everything You Land on

feature: The game is packaged to create mental images of triangle length composition conditions through manipulation.

Families of Triangles

feature: Through the triangle family scenario, we will explore triangle making, free classification, and edge features.

Triangle Transformers

feature: To enhance geometric intuition and inquiry skills through the assembly of triangles.