Junior High School Teaching Video – Micro Lesson for 21st C. Competency

The Magic of Factors, Multiples and Powers

  • Is It Allocatable?
  • Disassemble Until it Cannot be Disassembled Further
  • The Distance Between Trillion and Hundred Million
  • Green Algae Division

Research and Inquiry: The Congruence of Triangles

  • By Three Given Sides to Approach to the Least Conditions for a Triangle.
  • By Replacing the Conditions of Three Sides to Derive and Reduce the Plausible Conditions of the Congruence of Tiangles.
  • To Research and Inquiry the Uniqueness among the Plausible Conditions of the Congruence of Triangles.
  • To Generate the Relationships among the Properties of the Congruence of Triangles by Students.

The Systematic Thinking Promotes the Development of Ratio Concept and Comptence

  • Guiding the initial experience of systematic thinking.
  • The relationship between proportions and ratios.
  • Understanding direct proportion.
  • Understanding inverse proportion.
    Cultivating systematic thinking.

Radicals and Creativity

  • See how the simplest radical form is computed.
  • Activating the thinking for denominator rationalization.
  • Self-invented method of rationalization in various approaches.
  • Illustrate the Pythagorean Theorem that wasn’t taught
    Fostering creativity.